Tank battles at any scale
with your team and strategy
Nearly 30 years
of tank construction history
Light tanks Fast unit, used for scouting and fast attacks
Medium tanks Universal tank for any situation. Fast and armored
Heavy tanks Armored vehicles for defence and head-on attacks
Tank Destroyers Main firepower of the battlefield. Usually not armored
Tankettes Very fast, but very weak. However it can deploy smoke
Featuring tank designs
from World War I to the end of World War II.
Unique commanders
that fit your battle style

Elegant Strategist Darjeeling
Undivided Comradery: Agility is enhanced for all tanks in formation up to 10%.
Indestructable: All Heavy and Medium tanks have 10% increased armour.
Tank Expert: Increases tank model recognition speed up to 100%. That means that on level 10 recognition of even new tanks will be done immediately when spotted.

Immortal Duce Anchovy
Back to Battle: Depending on the level, returns the first 2 to 5 knocked out vehicles to the battle, 2 minutes after the initial knock out. The vehicle is limited to light tanks and tankettes weighing under 10 tons.
Repair Service: Immobilized vehicles repair up to 50% faster.
Unstoppable Rush: All light tanks going 50km/h and above have up to 20% increased reload speed and weapon accuracy.

Unity Fist Katyusha
Strike Squad: Medium tank squads get a 10% bonus to agility. Tanks must be within the same family (Example: T-34-57 and T-34-85). Tanks can be of any nation.
Heavy Time: Heavy Tanks with a caliber of 120mm or higher a 12% bonus to reload speed.
Solid Leadership: Tanks react up to 100% faster to commands when close to a flag tank.
'Panzer Vor' is a doujin game based on Girls und Panzer TV series
Various characters that appear in series, featured in the game as commanders
Command points system
allows to use any strategy


Rent any tank for free

Game allows you to try any tank that you want in battle by renting them. You can build your team completely using rented vehicles and find the style of battle that fits you the best.
Game shop includes various tanks - from tankettes to superheavies. However, most of the tank models can be recieved by modifications or constructions using special blueprints.

Set up your team according to your commander's CP limit

Each tank consumes a certain amount of Command Points when added to the active team formation. Commanders, along with different tournaments, have a limit on the maximum command points available for use. That way both sides have a fair shot at victory.

Buy tanks to reveal more options

If you would like to modify a tank to a more progressive model or make any visual changes, you can purchase a vehicle. When purchased, the tank belongs to only one team, and cannot be transferred.
All purchased vehicles require money to repair after battle. Destroyed vehicles can always be repaired after a battle.

Modify vehicles you've purchased

Step into the world of tank production and explore each models varieties. For example: Some tanks can be converted into tank destroyers, recieve improved armor and agility, etc.
Different visual changes, such as decals and signs, can be applied to your purchased vehicles, giving you the ability to have a unique look for your team.
Roll into the massive tank battle with your unique team setup
Excited about the game?
You can try enrolling as alpha-tester on Panzer Vor Discord!
First version of the game is expected to be released in Summer 2018 and will be available in Steam under Early Access. This version will feature multiplayer and several missions.

You can follow the development, ask your questions and support the project here:
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